tAts. Read that one carefully y’all. :p

I didn’t get a tattoo specifically for Kaden. Not yet. It didn’t feel right and I just wasn’t ready to have that “goodbye” feeling getting a tattoo brings. With the twins it was showing how small their feet were – proving they lived and were real. His is different.

But I had one in mind. So just like in New York for BlogHer last year, Rebecca and I headed out for tattoos again.

It’s kind of becoming our thing.

Here’s mine:




The verse is Job 13: 15 “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him”

And it was one I made mine before I even had Kaden. It’s very special and I mean it.

I love that the memory of the one Rebecca took of me was us freaking out that we’d done something wrong by getting them (she got one on her foot) a bit different than we wanted. We had to talk ourselves down off the tattoo regret ledge.

But I really love it. Really. And I had the most amazing time at Influence. You should all try to go next fall. It’s so amazing. I was blessed beyond belief to be with all those women.



  1. Gorgeous and meaningful. Someday I'll do one for my lost babies, maybe after I finally become a mother.

  2. I love it, Diana. Perfect.

  3. JusikaRenae says:

    Love it! I am hoping to go next year before we leave to Japan.

  4. I want to go. I need to go. I love the triumphant pose of the second picture.

  5. I love it. It’s beautiful and perfect. So grateful to have met you this weekend!!

  6. Julie Ketter says:

    Love it! I want one for my son and other angel babies but I've been so broke all the time these days. Plus, I want it to be absolutely perfect and I'm afraid it may not turn out the way I want it too. I've been wanting to get my son's footprints on my wrists for a few years now but not sure if I want to go with actual size or not. Can you tell I think about his a lot?lol. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Beautiful.

  8. speechless, sister. absolutely love it. xo

  9. It was an incredible weekend and I am feeling beyond blessed. Getting to have all that face time with you was priceless :) and after talking to my mom and Andy AT LENGTH, I really love mine too :)

  10. It’s beautiful. I really admire your strength and depth.

  11. It’s awesome, Diana! I love it and the meaning behind it.

  12. Meaning is what makes all tattoos wonderful and amazing. I have 5 and still want more.


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