Gift of Literacy: Win One of 5 MeeGenius 12 Month Reading Club Subscriptions


Earlier this month, I wrote about an app that has really changed our days and the way we think of technology around here. MeeGenius offers over 700 quality children’s books, all read by professional narrators, for your children.

MeeGenius Giveaway

MeeGenius is different from other reading apps in several ways. First – you can choose to have the story read or turn the narration off and read it aloud yourself. Second, the stories are recorded by professional narrators, and because of this the stories included proper pronunciation and emotion. So crucial to emerging readers. Third, each story is selected after careful consideration by the MeeGenius staff. I never worry about Bella reading something even slightly inappropriate.

Easy to  use, beautifully illustrated, and available without wifi – it’s the perfect gift for any child.  It’s ideal for short or long trips with the kids, quiet times, and then turn the narration off to read to your child.

MeeGenius Reading App Giveaway

Today I’m so excited to tell you that I’m pairing up with MeeGenius to offer 5 of you a 1-year subscription to their new Reading Club! It’s valued at $60 per subscription. You’ll have unlimited access to all current and new books on their app.

MeeGenius Giveaway

You’ll receive a gift card in the mail to use for your own account. Connect to Facebook to share book recommendations with friends and discuss your child’s favorites!

MeeGenius Reading App Giveaway

Can’t wait? Purchase an online or gift card subscription today!

Find more about MeeGenius on Babble.

Enter for one of 5 year subscriptions to MeeGenius and give the kids in your life the gift of quality literacy this year:

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  1. Sonya Morris says:

    My little girl would love all of them but I will go with Where is Apple Pie?

  2. Any of the Chester series look fun!

  3. The Naughty pancake looks like fun!

  4. I would love to win this to do with my niece!

  5. All the animal books and Two By Two.

  6. E would LOVE the Moo Moo Achoo book!

  7. Jennifer Olszowy says:

    My daughter loves going to AWANA so she would enjoy the book “Tell Me About God.”

  8. So many to choose…….Tiger Mom looks cute!

  9. Such a great idea – I thin two by two would be my first pick

  10. This service is such a fabulous idea and resource!! We just got a new Kindle Fire HDX and I’d love this for our daughter!

  11. Katie Caufield says:

    Would love this!

  12. would love to win! both girls (and both mom & dad) are getting tablets for Christmas!
    anything about animals would be up Madison’s alley :)
    thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  13. Henry loves when I read books on my iPad to him. This would be awesome!

  14. What a great giveaway! the book “where is apple pie” looks cute!

  15. Bessie goes to Boston would be fun…since that’s where we live!

  16. Laura Van Cleve says:

    My son loves holiday books. And being a childrens librarian, I think this is a great thing!!!

  17. It would be a toss up between Peter Pan, The Three Little Pigs, or Cinderella. :)

  18. If they have anything Dora, that’s her all time fav right now!

  19. My kiddos would love this! Any of the classic fairytale/mother goose stories would be adored.

  20. Jennifer Jones Madsen says:

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  21. Jennifer Jones Madsen says:

    My kids would love the animal books.

  22. My daughter would absolutely love this!

  23. The princess and the pea… or the Frog Princess! Pretty much anything that involves a princess! :)

  24. Holy crap this sounds amazing!!!

  25. Thanks for sharing! They all look great! My boys love to read more than anything else :) I know they would love Peter Pan :)


  26. The Gift and Day of the Diesels both sound like books my daughter would love.

  27. Sounds awesome! My daughter would love Day of the Diesels. The Gift looks pretty sweet also.

  28. Leonor Ruiz says:

    This would be awesome for my son!

  29. Leonor Ruiz says:

    Captain spaceman quest for Peanut butter sounds fun and my son would love!

  30. I would love to win this for my 3 little monkeys!

  31. Oh wow – what an amazing opportunity! My kids would love this app. Love it. My son is currently studying about animals and learning about them,so I think he would love this book: “On the Banks of the Amazon”

  32. The books look wonderful! We would first read captain spaceman quest for peanut butter

  33. Michelle Baer says:

    As a teacher, I can't wait to share this with my daughter!

  34. We would love this!

  35. My son likes the letter Z so definitely interested in the Zachariah loves Zebras story!

  36. Julie Etheridge Green says:

    I love MeeGenius! My son has been obsessed with reading the Wizard of Oz from it.

  37. Yes I agree, my little girls would love this! I think my oldest would love Wizard of Oz and the youngest something with animals

  38. Jenny Myers says:

    My little one would love Cinderella! It’s her fave!

  39. I would love to get “Me Gustan Los Colores” for my son. My husband’s side of the family is Cuban, and many of them only speak Spanish, so we are trying to expose him to spanish through books.

  40. Kendal Barriere says:

    Chesters Christmas List

  41. My little girl would love any animal books, Bessie goes to Boston looks cute!

  42. Oh That’s Not A Dog for sure. He would love that :) Gonna also use my comment to advertise my group’s free app for emerging readers as well! You can record yourself reading it as well!

  43. I would love to win this! I have downloaded the App and used it a little bit with my 3 year old.

  44. What a wonderful giveaway! My kids would love this!

  45. The Wizard of Oz!

  46. Looks like a great app. Can never get enough reading!

  47. Miranda Welle says:

    Cinnamon Baker and Tiger Mom both look great!

  48. Jennifer Mehl says:

    My boys would love Cinnamon Baker – they love cinnamon!!

  49. Little Bears Christmas
    He also loves ALL Llama Llama and Berenstein Bears books!

  50. My 7 year old son is obsessed with frogs so I am pretty sure he would love Briscoe the Amazing Frog

  51. My daughter loves books. This sounds really awesome.

  52. Courtney U. says:

    This would be amazing. My three kids would love it.

  53. My daughter would love any of the princess ones especially Cinderella!

  54. We have Meegenius and my son loves the stories.

  55. My son loves Bible stories and anything oceanic so….Jonah and the Whale it would be!

  56. Susan Kirk Falkowski says:

    Chester's Christmas List looks adorable

  57. DD Wants “Bessie Goes to Boston”!!

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