What Bella Wants for Christmas

Meeting Santa

Yesterday Bella met Santa. She has every year, but she doesn’t remember. We were at a Christmas party for Sam’s work and she suddenly gasped and said, “Oh MAMA LOOK.” I turned around and saw the table covered with dessert and promptly said, “After dinner,” to which she nodded. Then said, “And I can sit on his lap?”

That’s when I realized we were on two different pages.

So we took her up to see Santa, and she was so nervous. I reminded her to be sure to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She talked with him for a moment and then he asked, “So what do you want me to bring you this year?”

Pause. Then confidently, “A rocket ship.”

I died.

She was so adorable up there. He told her he’d do the best he could and gave her a little bag of candy. She ran off to play after that (she’s in her socks because it was held at a giant indoor bouncy house for the kids) and told me later she wanted a rocket ship with people inside. Sam and I tried to figure out where she came up with that but have no idea.

I love how unique she is.




  1. Jenny Myers says:

    Maybe Little Einsteins? I think they ride in a little red rocket ship!

  2. I got my nephew a cardboard rocket ship that he will fit inside and can color on! It wasn’t that expensive! Brand is Discovery Kids, and I got in on sale at Gilt. <3

  3. Wendy Cray Kaufman says:

    Too cute! She's so sweet. The first thing my son said to Santa was "Pee comes out of my penis."

  4. While we’re wondering where our kids get ideas, any thoughts on how I can get my hands on a princess ninja?

  5. This made me smile. She is just adorable!

  6. Little Einsteins! There is a rocket ship with the characters inside.

  7. My thought was that she wanted a rocket ship to go up to heaven to see her brothers.


  8. (Mrs.) Mary Lichlyter says:

    There are advantages to asking for rocket ships. She could have asked for a horse.

  9. Dave Danielle says:

    In canada. Chapters/ Indigo has a wooden rocket ship with people inside. I am a former military brat who just started to read your blog recently. Enjoy it very much. Hope this helps. Danielle

  10. I think Little People has one, if Santa starts looking, errr making.

  11. I was going to say little einsteins… or you can get the cardboard kind she can color from discovery kids ($20-30) and put her dolls or stuffed animals in it.

  12. Bella’s face in this picture. It’s just…Everything. <3