Land of Nod Homeschool Room: The Before

When we moved into this house, we had absolutely no idea what we would do with a 4th bedroom. The third would be a guest bedroom – our old queen and nightstand promptly went into that. It was ideal for family and friends visiting us since we live so far from everyone.

We have 2 living areas and a dining room – so the second living area became a playroom/my work area.

When Land of Nod reached out to collaborate on a project, I wondered about turning the fourth room into something I’d always dreamed of:

our own homeschool room.

First up were measurements and photos of the room for them. I think they knew right away that the colors in the room just wouldn’t work – and thank goodness they had it painted because they were right. Here are the before shots:

land of nod homeschool room - before-1The dark maroon on the wall made the entire room seem very tiny.

land of nod homeschool room - before-2I ADORE the windows in this room. And the flooring. It’s not quite as orange as this picture makes it out to be.

land of nod homeschool room - before-3I actually really liked the warm color of this wall, but once I saw it painted I knew they’d made a much better choice.

land of nod homeschool room - before-4Mirrored closet doors. Who thinks that is a good idea? You can’t ever get away from these things. It’s like you are your own stalker…

land of nod homeschool room - before-5And here’s the way out.

land of nod homeschool preview

Here’s the initial design for the room. You’ll see that there was a lot more added in the final design, but the initial concept stayed the same.

Ready to see the finished room? That post will be up soon! I’d promise tomorrow but then I wouldn’t do it. I’m special like that. ::clicks heels::


  1. Kate says

    We have mirrored closet doors all over our house. In the kids bedrooms I just put sheer curtains over them which helps a lot.

  2. says

    “It’s like you are your own stalker”- bwhahaha!!

    Seriously, cannot wait to see the final project. We start our first day of homeschool in two hours and some more ideas would be great.

    Soooo happy for you!! xoxo

  3. (Mrs.) Mary Lichlyter says

    Mirrored closet doors were an idea (started some decades ago) to eliminate the need for a standing full-length mirror in the bedroom – taking out one piece of furniture but enabling you to see what you look like once you’re dressed and ready for the day’s adventures. Like most decorating ideas, it’s scorned now. I’ll be happy to see the new ideas for your new room!