Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls

Let Them {All} Wear Pink: Quirkie Kids

February 13, 2014

I probably get around 15 random email pitches a day to try to sell something to you all. Some are fairly amusing (like a “bedroom fun” giveaway – only not for sheets…), others instantly catch my eye with a “Yes! A great idea!”

This particular one I am totally head-over-heals for is Quirkie Kids.

Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls

Founded by Martine, a mom of two boys, Quirkie Kids offers a line of pink tees with awesome designs to both girls and boys.

“Clothes shopping for a boy who likes pink is a challenge. Girl clothes are just about your only option, but just because a boy likes pink doesn’t mean that he likes frilly clothes with bows, ribbons, and ruffles. The same is true for girls. Girls who like pink don’t necessarily like kittens, rainbows, and butterflies. There are plenty of girls who like robots, dinosaurs, and aliens. They, too, are out of luck as pink clothes with such designs are hard, if not impossible, to find.

And so the idea for QUIRKIE KIDS – pink tees for girls AND boys – was born. The line of tees will have playful designs of things not normally associated with the color pink. I hope that you will join me in support of all the boys out there who like the color pink and all the girls who would like more choices. Let’s show the little ones in our lives that it’s okay to think for themselves!” – Martine, Founder

I love it. So did Bella, who promptly called her shirt a “dinosaur snapping at something in the air.”

Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls

I didn’t tell her it was Godzilla, she’s just obsessed with all things dinosaur lately. I love how it’s a basic, comfortable, sturdy tee. Perfect for both playing in and going out. It washes well, doesn’t stretch, and the design isn’t one that will peel off. It’s long enough for leggings, and true to size.

All the designs are: GodzillaSkullFood Chain, and Slime.  Food Chain has to be my personal favorite. Heck – I’d wear it. Really.

Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls

Quirkie Kids is on Kickstarter, and the goal is to raise $2500 for her business. Each pledge over $20 receives a shirt and then more money = more fun stuff from Quirkie Kids. Here are just a few:

Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls

You can find more about Quirkie Kids on Facebook and Instagram.

So hop on over to her Kickstarter site, share this with your friends and family. Consider pledging any amount so that this company can get off the ground and we can show our kids (and naysayers) that boys can wear pink and girls can wear something other than pink kittens.

I’m so excited to see Martine break some ground on this!

Quirkie Kids: Pink Shirts for Boys and Girls


  • In Between the Piles

    February 13, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Diana – thanks for sharing! I noticed Bella's shirt in your post about making Valentine's cards from your latest Kiwi Crate delivery. I thought that my daughter would love it! She wears hand-me-down monster jammies, a Superman shirt, and Cars tshirt and pajamas. I moved to AZ from Seattle, so it's fun to support someone from my old stomping grounds, too. I just pledged! Thanks again!

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