Lady of the Flies

Usually I post little bits of life on Twitter/Instagram/FB so I thought I’d do that here instead. 

This afternoon I went to Crossfit. It was 98* and that place only has fans so 20 minutes in I thought for sure I was going to pass out on the floor in a heap of sweaty blob. They’d just have to mop me up.

Obviously I made it through.

After, I needed to head to the grocery store for food. We’d had Bella’s play therapy this morning so there hadn’t been a chance, and Sam is coming home tonight instead of Friday – which I didn’t know until a few hours ago. As we headed there, I decided I was too exhausted to shop and then cook as it was already after 5, and I didn’t have a store list. I drove home to order Chinese.

As soon as we got in the door, the flies hit. Everywhere. Like some sort of freak fly storm. I was so grossed out. Windows, counters, we just kept finding them. I gave up whacking them and started sucking flies up in droves through the hand vac.


I finally figured out they were coming in from the garage (waiting till Sam gets home to find out why) and the door was cracked. Pushed the garage door opener to get them moving out, shut the inner door, and in my hurry knocked over Bella who began to bawl that I’d pushed her over.

I’m comforting her, batting off flies, still all sweaty, and downloading the Urbanspoon app on my phone so for-the-love-of-all-things-holy we can just have dinner delivered and I can sit down.

Finally we got rid of nearly all the flies and calmed down. She’s playing now, I’m writing, Sam’s on his way home. Charlie’s barking at invisible people.

Sometimes I wonder if other grownups have these insane kinds of moments. Or just me. In my house of flies.


  1. Tracey Grant Stein says

    I feel like I've definitely had days like that. It's like seriously???

  2. says

    We get these teeny flies swarming like once a year! Always at inconvenient times, like when I was in labor, my mom was here (and totally grossed out,) during a typhoon…

  3. Elle says

    Last year we had a massive gnat infestation. It took weeks for me to find a liquid sweet potato in the bottom of our pantry. Because clearly I am an amazing housekeeper.

    • Alanna says

      Ha ha same thing happened here with potatoes at the bottom of the pantry.. It was awful!!

  4. Amber Arnone says

    Most days after a long day of work it feels insane. Nothing goes right or something happens. But in the end it works out