Colorado Trip 2014

Some of you may have read about Bella being the flower girl at my sister’s wedding last week, but I wanted to briefly share here about our trip home. We had such a good time. Truly. Everyone was so kind and sweet.

There were times someone would sit with me and just talk on and on about themselves, their kids, grandkids, etc – and I would think, “Are we going to pretend my sons didn’t ever exist?” Then at the end, I’d get a squeeze and a whisper of, “I won’t say much because I don’t want to upset you but I have prayed for you and those sweet boys every day.”

And I realized – they didn’t know what to say either. Just like I don’t. We are all simply bumbling through this together, trying not to hurt anyone more and some times we accidentally do because we stay silent.

It taught me a good lesson from how it feels to be on the outside looking in – and to be less assuming and more searching.

Here are some pics from our trip! You can click on any to start the gallery scroll – a feature WordPress has I didn’t know about. I’m not sure how it will look on a phone/tablet so bear with me as I publish and edit.



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    Excellent. Your point is worthwhile and not often mentioned. Sometimes it's caring and not uncaring that makes us flub. What's the DADDY LONG-LEGS picture for? (I can't seem to get the show moving.)

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    Hugs, it will never get easier. Hopefully with time people will be more comfortable telling you they prayed for you and your sweet family.