We’re Learning to Sew. Maybe just Sam is.

July 20, 2014
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The other day, Sam asked me if I could sew his uniform patches on instead of having to take them somewhere, and pay, to have them done. I told him I might be able to – if we had a sewing machine and I learned how to use it.

I’d taken a sewing class in high school, but I mean. That was years ago and I haven’t done anything but (very poorly) hand sew somethings since then.

We went out and bought a cheap little Brother one that had off the chart ratings on Amazon. Nothing special – just the basics. As soon as we came home, I searched for an online sewing class to help me learn the machine. I found a free, short class on Craftsy, and that night sat down to put what I’d learned into use.

2014-07-06 22.02.10-2

Sam and I somehow had the thread on the bobbin going the wrong way, and I pulled up the class to check how to do it. He started laughing and told me earlier that day he’d watched the same one.

I have to admit – in the few weeks we’ve had the machine – he’s used it more than I have. He’s able to sew all of his patches on and fix things while I’m slowly plodding away with help from more beginning classes like Learn to Sew.

Once I started looking around on the Craftsy site, I ended up taking a photography course on The Essentials for Understanding Light and drooling over one about capturing life differently.

craftsy classes 2

Then I saw there were classes on fixing your knitting mistakes (my middle name is knitting mistake), learning how to use Lightroomhandmade sourdough bread from start to finish, and making pasta at home.

While at the moment I don’t have the time (or the money) to watch them all, I have about a dozen saved for when classes go on sale (like today!) And one I am waiting until just about Bella’s birthday for – the class on how to make a dinosaur cake.

She’s going to freak.out.

So basically I’m learning to do everything but sew well. 😉

Today only (ends at midnight) you can get Craftsy classes in nearly every category up to 50% off. Watch them anytime, save them for later, stock up for the colder nights of fall. Plus? You can watch them on your phone or iPad with their apps!


  • Anne-Marie

    July 20, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    I’m so excited for you! And for me – I just bought the “finishing school” class for the day I go back to making clothes. I was darn good at it, but I could never finish the seams properly. No matter how many instructions I read, it just never made any sense. How is it that I can knit and sew clothing, read patterns, but cannot understand something that is supposedly basic? Oh, crafts. You are so crafty.

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