#12Prayers – For Miscarriage and Infant Loss

October 28, 2014

12 prayersToday I have the honor of praying with and for those of you who have lost a child and/or are walking with someone who has. Rachel from @makesomethingbeautiful on Instagram (find her blog here) asked me to write 12 prayers – 6 for those of us who have lost and 6 for friends and family. Each orayer contains a verse I and others have found comforting or encouraging on this path, as well as a short prayer that goes with it.

This is something Rachel has hosted before under the #12prayers hashtag with prayers for marriage, back to school, Iraqi Christians, and our hearts. Her dedication to reaching out to so many of us is inspiring. You can read more behind this movement here

Please join us now in praying, once an hour from 9-9, on her page for our lives and those grieving around us. 

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