2015 Resolution: Change Someone Else’s Life

January 5, 2015

I thought this song by the amazing Kari Jobe was perfect to go with this post. 

So this year I decided to actually make some resolutions since the past 3 years I haven’t really done any. As I was thinking them through, I felt a little nagging voice asking, “Changing your world is great. It is. How about including others in this too?”

Y’all – what if we changed someone else’s life too this year? What if we looked back in December and could see the impact we made in a life or lives we didn’t even know existed before this day?

World Vision Child Sponsorship 4

I know you’ve heard this before, but I’m asking – pleading with – you to read what I write with new eyes.

Could you make a commitment to sponsor a child, anywhere in the world, for one full year?

World Vision Child Sponsorship 2

Do you all know the impact that your money makes on both the child, family, and villages? Your letters and small gifts are kept for a lifetime. The child you choose writes to you, or their parent if they’re young, and knows who you and your family are.

World Vision didn’t request me to come back from Zimbabwe and talk about sponsorship – and I get nothing from this (besides the thrill of you all telling me you sponsored a child). Their desire was simply to let God lead our hearts during and after this time to what He wanted us to see and learn. Besides knowing about the loss and grief process there (and I have several more stories to share), the sponsorship part really touched my heart.

World Vision Child Sponsorship

In Zimbabwe, we spoke with several children who were or had been sponsored. Your sponsorship truly changes their lives; personally, in their families, and in their village as a whole. We learned of a young boy who was raising his siblings alone. He received a gift from his sponsor and bought two goats. The two goats had babies, and eventually he was able to purchase a cow as well. In time, he had a small herd and it completely changed his way of living, how he was able to provide for his siblings, and impacted his village. Just because his sponsor sent him a monetary gift.

Another young girl is working towards becoming a doctor because of her sponsorship.

World Vision Child Sponsorship

(Photo: 2014 Eugene Lee/World Vision)

Through sponsorship, Belen is able to get school supplies, new shoes, and a backpack. More importantly, her mother is able to attend World Vision nutrition workshops to improve the family’s eating habits. This in turn reduces illness and trips to see the doctor.

My parents sponsored a child for over a decade – they are now Facebook friends with him and his sister, and can see him attending college and choosing a career.

Sam and I gave each of our sponsored kids special gifts for Christmas this year. Knowing the process of how this works makes it so personal. Their family works with the local WV office to choose where the need is greatest to use the money, and then in a few months we’ll get a note and pictures on what they decided.

Some reasons to consider sponsorship:

  • Maybe you have a heart for adoption, but now isn’t the right time.
  • Maybe you lost a child and you want to sponsor one with the same birthday or due date (we sponsor a girl born on Kaden’s and a boy the same age as Preston and Julian).
  • Maybe this is part of your tithing.
  • Maybe your child wants a pen pal to write and send things to (Bella loves to look at the letters from our sponsored child in India with her exact birthday).
  • Maybe missions are on your heart, but you can’t fathom where to begin.

Will you prayerfully consider taking this step – sponsoring one, two, three or more children? What would it look like if each one of you reading did this? Imagine hundreds of children being told in a few weeks that they are being sponsored? That their lives are going to change this year.

Make a resolution that changes your life and theirs this year – I promise you won’t regret it for a moment.

World Vision Child Sponsorship 5

Change a life in 2015.


  • Kate Solan

    January 28, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Your first post on this (sponsoring a child through WorldVision upon your return from Africa) spoke to me – and so we signed up (much to my husband's surprise) and now sponsor a girl – young woman, really – who shares a birthday with my husband's baby brother who died before 12 months old from leukemia…
    thank you for the push to change someone's life!

  • » 2015 Resolution: Change Someone Else’s Life

    January 5, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    […] I thought this song by the amazing Kari Jobe was perfect to go with this post. So this year …read more       […]

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