Last Minute Plans

June 20, 2015

In a very last-minute bit of plans, tomorrow morning at 4am Bella and I head to the airport to fly to Colorado for the week.

Thursday I remembered I’d gotten Southwest vouchers on a flight home from California last year where we gave up our seats for a flight an hour later. Checking them, I realized they expire July 1 and travel has to be completed by that date. Not just booked. I kind of panicked, not wanting those to go to waste. I tried to sell them for about $200 less, call Southwest for an extension, even email them – the only response I got was they would review and let me know in 10 days.

When they had expired already lol.

I realized that it would just about completely pay for Bella and I to fly to see our family, so we booked! We’re having Father’s Day today with Sam, then I’ll be in Colorado in time Sunday evening to hug my dad too. I haven’t seen any of my family, except my mom who came for my Zimbabwe trip in Nov, in a year – so I’m very excited.

And of course I’ll get to see my also very pregnant little sister – those pics will probably end up on Instagram.

I’m off to pack, get work done, clean, finish laundry, and try to finish up as much school work as I can before we leave. And take a nap. That’s a must.


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