Piano and Periscope

July 21, 2015

We signed Bella up for piano lessons this week. A beginner course with two other little girls her age. It’s simply the cutest thing ever to see her sit at a piano, ankles crossed and swinging, hands poised over the keys as she listens to her teacher.

“Bing, bing, one, two!”

It’s a 4 day course, a bit of a tester to see if she likes it and might want to continue this fall maybe once a week. Our curriculum this year suggested we start recorder and honestly, I could totally skip hearing a recorder in our house at any point. Bella found a harmonica the other day and when she lost it (no, she really did lose it, it wasn’t me lol) I drew a sigh of relief. I’d rather have her take piano – in someone’s studio.

Bless my mom for having all three of us older kids learn recorder at the same time.

And in other news, I joined Periscope yesterday after being told repeatedly how amazing it is. My first thought was, “Amazing like Vine…?” Sorry Vine lovers, I never got into that app. :/ But one video into Periscope and I’m kind of hooked. It’s pretty cool that it’s live, a little nerve-wracking as well (because you hope no one flips out nearby or your kid comes in yelling about something inappropriate) but that’s part of the allure. You never know what might happen.

Yesterday I made my first video and it was mostly Bella and I trying to figure it out while saying hi. I won’t lie – it was terrible as first videos go. I replayed it and cringed at how tech dumb I seemed on there.



Side note: Parks and Rec could never have had enough Jean Ralphio for Sam and I. He needed an appearance in every scene. 

So if you’re on Periscope, or decide to get on there, find me @DianaWrote. I’ll try to catch a bit of Bella’s piano lesson today. Maybe have a little Charlie as he chases the cats around the house.


  • Mandi

    July 23, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Hi. Everytime I try to look at your instagram pictures off of your website it first routes me to your pinterest. I hit the back arrow and do it again and the second time it routes me to instagram. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Anne-Marie

    July 21, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    It took us a bit to find the right teacher for me, after baby lessons (I started at 8), but once we found a good match, it was a total refuge. I still can’t believe that I spent years learning complicated pieces for my senior year recital, because I almost never stuck with things that I wasn’t immediately super good at. I was much better at playing the flute, but I didn’t stick with it the way I just had to keep at piano. It is a handy life skill to stay with something that doesn’t come so easily! (And: in my house, the line was drawn at learning to play the violin. NOPE. I was not allowed to make “music” that sounded like “cats dying” for the years it would take to get a nice melody out of one. LOL)

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