32.5 Weeks, Homeschool Co-op, and Getting Ready

September 5, 2015

We’ve had a big week here. On Thursday, Bella and I went to our first homeschool co-op class. We’ll go once a week for two classes, hers are Math Games and Zoology. There are also field trips and get-togethers (a Not Back to School Night!). I had no idea how many families had joined, but it was neat to know there were over 150 of us there.

I think Bella was a tad overwhelmed when we first walked in, as you can see:


We divided up into classes after a quick intro and explanation. Parents were asked to be involved in helping during class, so I went to both and was able to see her interact with her teachers and the other kids (grades K-3). They kept sizes small, only about 10 kids or less per class with plenty of adults.

I look at her in this photo, and in that class, and it always takes me by surprise how old she is. It’s gone by so quickly already, we have ups and downs but I’m so very proud of what an independent, curious, kind little person she’s become.

Today we went for a tour of the hospital where I’ll have Charlotte. I’d been there before – with Preston and Julian – and the neonatologist had given us a walk through as well several weeks ago, but what I really wanted was to talk to one of the nurses about their policies during labor.

My (very short) birth plan focuses mostly on after Charlotte is born, because from the information and testing we’ve had here and in Germany/India in the two years since Kaden died, we’ve been led to believe that some of the medication he received in the NICU (which was standard, no one did anything wrong) actually exacerbated the ciHHV-6. We’ll have our high risk team there that understands this, but I want to make sure that anyone who cares for her knows. I won’t get into the rest of my birth plan – learned my lesson with talking about that while pregnant with Kaden. 😉 Lots of opinions on birth, and my main goal is simply Charlotte – here.

I’m 32.5 weeks today. I’d love to hang in till 36 if possible, although a few signs that make us think that may not happen. But we’ll be ready for whenever.


Can you tell Bella loves to read? Makes my heart happy. 

I have an appointment this week, I’m at every two weeks now. We’ve been assigned a continuous care resident, a really nice woman who will follow me through the rest of this pregnancy, be at every appointment and ultrasound, and also be there when I deliver. I didn’t know about this until she popped in on Tuesday to introduce herself, but Sam and I are a little relieved that with all the new faces we’ve seen this pregnancy (we’re at a teaching hospital) at least one will be familiar in there with us.

That’s it! Hope everyone has a lovely Labor Day weekend. Eat all the things for me that cause heartburn – I’ll be here sipping my water and applying a tad bit of peppermint essential oil to the outside of my throat (thank you to whoever suggested that – it works!!).


  • Krista

    September 7, 2015 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Diana! You are looking totally. gorgeous. Just a quick Q, are you still planning on writing a post about the meds that could exacerbate the ciHHV-6? As a fellow loss mom, I’m interested in finding out. I was on zofran for the beginning of my pregnancy with my son who we lost at 30 weeks. Now they’re finding out “all the things” about that drug 🙁 It’s awful to look back and do the ‘if only’s’, but they’re always in the back of my mind. Hugs to you❤️

    1. Diana

      September 7, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      ((hugs)) I’m so sorry for the loss of your son. I understand that feeling of “if-only” so much. I have the same experience with Zofran, suddenly it seems like everywhere I look it’s being used with mixed messages. I wish I could share what I know about ciHHV-6 in more detail, but right now the studies and tests are all confidential – and not published. I’m waiting for any kind of go-ahead from the doctors and scientists working on it so I can share even a small amount of info, but they’ve only been shared with me because we’re participating in all of this so they can find some answers.
      If it helps any (because I know how frustrating this is), we actually contacted a lawyer about Zofran. Our case was examined over a 7 month period this year, records pulled, pharmacy records taken – and they declined to move any further because it has to be a form of “true” Zofran and not an offshoot. Apparently in 2007, GlaxoSmithKline released their patent to companies to market generic forms, and if you’ve taken any of that kind, it’s not in the same class. I probably butchered how I told you that but it’s the basic gist.
      I will say – if you have any worries at all about ciHHV-6 and drug interactions, you can get tested (it’s so simple). Use this paperwork: http://hhv-6foundation.org/clinicians/cihhv-6-testing and if you are positive, the HHV-6 foundation can start to work with you. Not many are (only 1% of the population, lucky me) but of course when you lose a baby, it eases your mind to start ruling in or out things.
      And again, I’m sorry you’re on this path of loss too. Thank you for still reading and wanting to know more – let me know the outcome of testing if you move forward and if you would like. <3

  • Journey Elder

    September 6, 2015 at 1:50 am

    Where at on the neck do you apply the peppermint oil? I find so much relief by putting it on my belly and inner wrists (that's mostly for me to smell when I need!). My body doesn't process medicine normally so I'm always on the lookout for new ways to help ease the N&V.

    1. Diana

      September 7, 2015 at 4:27 pm

      I start at right under my chin and put it all the way to my collarbone, then across the collar to wipe any extra. I probably use less than a drop (I kind of just put my finger on the bottle and then tip and that’s it). Cutting it with another oil might be easier but I’m lazy and just want it gone asap. 🙂

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