Skipped for Sleep

January 14, 2017

I skipped two days of writing so far this month – and last night part of me thought, “Diana! Write something! Before bed! Use the app!”

But I just was so tired I couldn’t. So I let myself off the guilt hook (as much as possible for me).

We had a day full of stuff. Early in the morning my laundry soap – all two gallons of it – rattled itself off the washer and spilled all.over.the.floor.

All over.

I was on my hands and knees for an hour scooping it up off the tile and using a spatula to try to get it from under the washer and dryer. I filled two mason jars Bella brought me, and then tried to use some towels (so I didn’t waste as much) to soak up the rest. Finally I gave up and let it dry so today I can go scrape it up.

I wanted to cry when I realized what had happened. Stupid bouncy washer.

But our day wasn’t like that completely. 

When Sam came home from therapy, we went to check out a lake about 45 minutes from us. He caught a small catfish, Bella and I fed these crazy ducks who, when they realized we had food, chased us around honking the rest of the time.

Then when we got home, I made dinner, got the girls to bed, and watched two episodes of The OA show everyone’s been talking about. Still unsure if I like it – it’s different. 

Then I was up with Char (who still needs me and only me at night) so knowing that was coming means my bed time goes a little earlier than sometimes I want. 

So that was our fun day. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be cold and rainy – tonight we had our first thunderstorm in this house. Love it. El Paso gets some crazy weather and we all look forward to those days. 

But now I’m off to bed so I can be up 10 minutes after falling asleep to rock Char ??


  • Mary

    January 15, 2017 at 6:37 am

    It’s so good to be able to put flexibility in your plans without being angry or ashamed! (And if mamas need anything, they need to be flexible!)

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