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And For This Fall

April 16, 2018

Last year I told you all we were putting Bella in school, for the first time. She turned 8 that fall, was heading into second grade, and I really felt that she needed a different change of pace for that year.

We’ve loved the school she’s at. It’s a private one that also offers a school at home option – that way you can still send your child up to two days a week there. We chose the one where she went five days (9-2) which was exactly what I was looking for at the time.

Each winter/spring I talk with Sam about what we think we should do for the following year. March and April start when schools want pre-enrollment, homeschool supplies start having sales, other school options fill up quickly. We’ve gone back and forth on this decision again because I wanted to make sure it was right for her and us – that one side or emotions didn’t swing too heavily in our choice. We also talked with Bella about it, to see how she felt about her choices.

What we decided is – this year we’re going to do the school at home option. She’ll still go two days a week and be with her friends, and the school will send home the work she needs to complete (my strong point is NOT completing what needs to be done on my own re: homeschooling so this will help).

She very much wants to be at home with us, and after watching her this year I agree that’s what she needs. She loves her friends and teacher, but she’ll have a new teacher next year, and she’ll also be with older kids than her. That last part alone gave me a lot of hesitation because Bella might be 8 1/2 but she’s a very young 8 1/2 in some ways. Which we’ve fostered and encouraged deliberately. We may not have had a lot of control over things that have happened to us, but her childhood and innocence was something we tried very hard to allow her as long as possible.

She also has a lot of anxiety (no idea where she gets that, you all know how chill I am lolololololol ::falls over laughing::) and I know by the end of the week and even end of the day, Bella is emotionally and physically spent. Even shorter school hours wear her out, and I feel like we can navigate and help that better at home.

But what we didn’t want to do was stop the wonderful parts that came with her school (and it’s been a great experience). This seems like the best of both worlds. She’ll get to be home with us and Char – who misses her dearly each day – and still have consistent school work to do. She’ll be able to go on all their field trips and take part in things like music and art too.

And as a family, we’re hoping to finally be able to travel more this year. Last year was a wash since Sam left in Sept and didn’t get home until Jan, so we’ve not been able to go and do much together yet. We have a list of places we want to visit close to us in the next year.

I’m excited to have her home more – yes the days can get long and she has some serious 8 going on 16 attitude lately, but for the most part, it was really nice to have her around for Spring and Christmas Break. We’re going to do things like Kiwi Crate (well, she’s in Doodle and Char will start Koala now)- use my link to get 50% off your first box. We started when Bella was 2 1/2.  And we’ll probably start Char on some preschool activities like Before Five in a Row. Very slow, I’m in no rush with Char to do anything but learn at her own pace and develop a love of books and art and nature.

So now to make it through what supposedly will be a brutally hot summer here 🙃. #hunkerdownandprayforfall


Photo credit: Kristine Garcia Photography 


  • helenalemon

    April 23, 2018 at 11:40 pm

    That sounds like a really solid plan for Bella! Good luck with the rest of the year! I featured your post on #MyPostMonday if that’s OK!

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