• Fiercely, Brokenly Proud

    February 18, 2014

    A few weeks ago, one of the mama’s I follow on Instagram had a picture of her little boy up, with a caption underneath of how she missed him and “wished heaven had visiting hours”. It was so simple and so incredibly profound, because it wasn’t sad. It didn’t seem like anything about loss. I…

  • The Christian Conference After-Shock

    February 10, 2014

    Coming home from a Christian conference tends to bring out a really terrible side of me. After incredible¬†Influence, I felt like I could have flown myself home in the air. I was so pumped for Jesus and what He was doing in the lives of the women I knew. It held these incredible, exhilarating, totally…

  • Let’s Talk about the Starbucks Butterbeer Post

    November 19, 2013

    I’ve got to say something about it you might not have thought of. I threw the butterbeer post up in about 7 minutes. I saw something on it while working at Starbucks and thought, “Wait, what?! Does anyone else know about this awesomeness?” I posted it with a pic of my current drink and hoped…

  • It’s Not You, It’s Me. Well. It’s Kinda You. {on Influence}

    September 24, 2013

    I’m going to spill something that I think some of you might be thinking about. It hurts to see babies. It hurts so, so much. See – with the twins, seeing babies wasn’t as bad as losing Kaden. Because twins are rarer, so my brain was able to rationalize seeing a baby with, “But you’d…

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