• On Homeschooling Bella

    August 18, 2014

    About a month ago, we enrolled Bella at the CDC (Child Development Center) a little ways down the road from our home. It’s an on post child care and early school program that is highly monitored and adorable to boot. We’ve loved it. I have her going about 3 times a week for a few…

  • Little Changes

    July 23, 2014

    Lately I’ve been in a real funk. Besides all the horrible anniversaries next month, there has also been massive guilt about Bella. To put it bluntly – she’s been really hard to deal with lately. On top of that, I’ve been hard to deal with too, and Sam’s been working either the longest days or…

  • Kiwi Crate Summer Edition & Discounts

    Summer Adventures with Kiwi Crate

    June 21, 2014

    This post contains affiliate links. Once a month, a little green box comes in the mail that makes Bella squeal and me sigh with relief. My uncrafty mom-guilt at this moment is squelched, because we have a Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate is an award-winning, monthly subscription service that provides all the hands-on materials to inspire creative,…

  • Teachers Change Lives

    Education Matters to Us All – How You Can Help

    April 29, 2014

    When I volunteer in and then taught school before Bella was born, I remember being pretty shocked at the amount of unpaid time it took for teachers to prepare for the weeks ahead and work with students. Even volunteering at public schools in California, I saw the amount of work and time each teacher put…

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