• You might not make it.

    June 25, 2010

    In Blogging. You might not make it. Many of us have different reasons for why we blog. A lot of the time, I read about women who want to be the next big thing – or at least have a really popular mom blog. Then there’s more comments, more traffic, more publicity. Bigger Twitter numbers.…

  • “Give me my Bunny!” he said. “You mustn’t say that. He isn’t a toy. He’s REAL!”

    June 21, 2010

    Ah, the Velveteen Rabbit. I read that story to my kindergarten class and when the bunny was to be burned because he carried germs, the girls all cried and most of the boys cheered. 🙂 But they were all happy when he was real. (And while clicking on the pic takes you to Amazon.com –…

  • Wishful Thinking

    June 16, 2010

    I feel guilty even writing this. Like I’m doing something dishonest. Lately, a lot of people I know have been traveling. My brother and his girlfriend went on a 3 week tour of Europe, my old friend and his girlfriend live overseas and travel all over the place, and some of my single friends are hopping…

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