2 months PP – a few things I can’t live without

January 13, 2010

I thought I’d post this here for you ladies who haven’t had babies yet, as I was always curious what everyone with babies ended up loving and using constantly. So here’s my list:

Itzbeen Timer. Hands down this is the most used item I got. I love it, I have no idea what I would do without it. I can’t remember what breast I last fed her on, especially in the middle of the night, and this tells me. It tracks when I changed her, how long she (or I) have been asleep. You think, “How can I forget I changed them at 4pm?” You will. You will have no idea when you changed their diaper last. 🙂

– Hot Sling. A lifesaver. She hated everything else. And the swing worked for a few weeks and then she just wanted me. It was really awful to hold her all day long – everything on me hurt and my house was a mess. Thanks to this, I get things done and she’s happy.
Bravado Bra. Worth the outrageous price. I have 3 other kinds and nothing compares to the comfort of this bra. My breasts thank me daily as I put it on.
Lily Padz. I love these. I wear them at night with a pair of cotton nursing pads for leaks and they are wonderful. I can wear them during the day when all my bras are drying, and around the house under a tank top.
Miracle Blanket. A true miracle swaddler. This little piece of heaven took us from 1 1/2 hours of sleep at a time to 3/4 hours. We use it at night. She fights it at first but then sleeps so good.
Bella Bands. Yes, they are getting more use now than they ever did while I was pregnant. I wear them all the time. I can fit into my jeans, but only 1 pair will button. Thanks to these it looks like I just have a tank top on under my shirt.

– Crib Tent. Our cats would not stay out of the crib until we bought one of these. Ours was from WalMart. It’s cute, easy to put up, and they’ve never been in it since. I feel much better knowing I can leave her nursery and zip it up without worrying about the cats being curious.

Wubbanub. Like I posted on below, this thing saved my sanity. I was SO tired of putting that paci back in her mouth 24-7. We even ordered a second one the other day. Google them, only certain places carry them.


I wish I had another Bravado Bra. I can’t justify the price for 2, but if you can then by all means buy them. I also would have liked a Britax convertible car seat – but Bella was too small when she was born to safely and comfortably fit in one. If you know you’re having a 9+ pound baby, think about getting one of these.

Another wish – a white noise maker. We have construction going on outside our home and it would be great to have something to block it out. We have a CD that does white noise, but it’s like going to sleep under a waterfall. A fan noise would be better.

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