NO. I refuse to believe my child needs this much stuff.

January 16, 2010

    Who came up with all this crap to “soothe” and “entertain” and “pacify” my child? Because half of this stuff requires me to constantly be on call looking for it, washing it, fixing it, putting batteries in it, and in general being a complete mess over items that Bella has learned she simply can not live without.

    I am packing for our trip to see our friends and their new son, and this is only the second time we have taken Bella out for an overnight trip. The first was to see the in-laws at Christmas and we stayed with them so it was fairly easy. This one has us staying in a hotel (2 babies in their home screaming at night? I think not.) and so I must carefully plan and pack each item she will need.

    My list is a mile long. It’s 5x bigger than my personal list. This is insane. And yet I have the “what if’s” as I go to cross things off. What if we get there and she doesn’t want to be in the sling/carseat/pack n play? What then? What if we run out of diapers? What if we run out of clothes? Burp cloths? Lose the paci?

    So I pack more of each item. Then I think, “What if she doesn’t want to nurse on time and I get a plugged duct?” In goes the massive Medela Pump in Style. What if she barfs on me? Extra clothes on my end. And for Sam. What if we are somewhere I just can’t nurse her and she has to be fed? Cooler, ice packs, and a bottle of milk. Toys, nail clippers, washcloths, nose suctioner thing, lotion…

    Although in my mind I realize I can buy something if we truly needed it while we were there, and my friend is bound to have items we can use as well, it just seems like unless I know we have packed most of her nursery, I can’t relax.

    Curse you Babies R Us. I long for the days when kids got a dresser drawer and a flannel nightie and by golly, they liked it.

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