2 month photo shoot

February 2, 2010
When Bella was just a little over 2 months, we got her professionally photographed. Thank goodness we worked with a woman who had young kids, as Bella decided that day was her day to be:
  • cranky
  • constantly hungry
  • unsmiling
  • hating to be naked
  • and hating to be clothed.

Perfect. So we did this photo shoot and it came out totally different than I expected. In most of these you can’t even tell she was upset 99% of the time. 

It was expensive, but Sam and I decided it was worth it. After all, she’ll only be 2 months once, and we loved the stage she was at and wanted to capture it. I wanted to share these with all of you, in case you were debating about getting pictures done.

I always figured I could take them myself, but I’m not a pro by any means, and when I saw hers, I realized just what I might have missed by not doing them.

Please to enjoy: 😉
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