Famous Last Words

February 27, 2010

     Ah. So many things I remember thinking/saying before I had a child. Things that I look back on now and cringe/laugh/shake my head in disbelief.
    Today’s post is one of saying “Sorry” and to admit some of my more embarrassing moments. Here we go:
I’m sorry that –
– I ever judged a mom with only one child who looked like she had just survived a tornado, a car wreck, and a nuclear bomb and thought, “Really, how can you just let yourself go? It’s only one kid – you can’t even look clean?”
– I thought my friends with kids were selfish because they forgot about me all the time. Two weeks to call me back and you said you forgot? What?
– I ever wondered how you could gain weight after having kids. Some days I realize I spent the entire day on the couch holding a baby, only to use the bathroom in my “down” time.  
– I never appreciated the fact that my mother managed to work full time, pregnant, at 39, with her 4th child.
     I laugh because:
– I thought that I would never want to be a SAHM. Because it was boring. Boring!
– I vowed to myself I would always manage to get up, take a shower, put on makeup and be a “cute mom”. Some days I’m glad for clothes that don’t show stains. Or smell too bad. And heavy perfume has become my best friend.
– I figured breastfeeding was simple. Women have done it for years. How hard was it? 3 months of a nipple shield proved me wrong.
– I was determined not to have an epidural. (Heaven in a needle, people. God created anesthesiologists special.)
– I knew, just knew, I would never co-sleep with my child. They belonged in their own bed. Now the only thing that gets Bella to sleep is next to me. And I love it. Even if I do wake up with one arm asleep and a sore neck.
– I thought by 3 months Bella would be sleeping through the night. Or at least longer than two hour intervals.
– I used to think umbilical cords were cut and then snapped back up inside of you. Like a tape measure. I think I was 7 months pregnant when I realized it didn’t work that way. Thank you 5th grade sex ed.
     So there’s my list of shame. If you post yours on your blog, leave a link and let me know. I’ll come visit. It’ll make me feel better.


  • sarah

    August 5, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I think this is so interesting! I’m only 21 and have yet to have a child, but I read mommy blogs all the time (so far your’s, and oneofthosemoms.com), and I love reading about all the things that change in a parents life once thier little ones come. Between you and the blog above, I’ve now been convinced that cloth diapering and breast feeding are THE way to go and have also let my opinion relax a bit on the co-sleeping & SAHM subjects. Thanks for the inspiration!

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