Barf Bombs

March 31, 2010

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So yesterday I took Bella in to see the Dr, as the massive barfing had reached an all new low by including blood in it on Sunday. In a panic, I called the on call number – because even though it was just a little blood, I’ve never read anything that said “A little blood in vomit is ok.” The Dr. assured me that since Bella has reflux, it was probably irritation of her stomach lining. He said for us to come in as soon as possible this week, and the earliest we could get in was yesterday.

I drop Sam off at work and head to the Dr. After parking, I go around and open the door to find Bella seems to have barfed up everything she ever ate with the force of an atomic bomb behind it. There is vomit all over her, her car seat, the holders, all the toys, the sides of the seat, her pants, and the blanket. The smell causes me to throw up a little in my mouth as well. She’s looking at me with big eyes that say, “Mom, this is why I was crying. Little slow on the uptake today, huh?” I clean her, change her, leave the car seat to hopefully crust over while I’m gone (easier to clean than when it’s wet – then it smears everywhere).

Naturally Bella is cooed and fussed over by the ladies who have known me since I was 11, and who saw me on a regular basis throughout my pregnancy. We sit down next to a grandma, mom about my age, and little boy of 6, who spends a half hour making faces and saying to his mom, “The baby likes me, see Mom? See how she’s looking at me?” He was adorable. They all want to know what’s wrong, as Bella looks completely happy and normal. (Only in a small town would people ask what’s wrong in a doctors’ office. Everywhere else you get left alone – you know, in case “what’s wrong” is rabies.) They all nodded knowingly when I explain she has reflux, and a little old lady pipes up next to them, “Wrong formula.” Before I can say anything, the mom across from me adds, “Yep, gotta switch her to a non dairy based one.”

I tell them I’m breastfeeding. Which leaves all of them speechless. No one has any more advice.

The nurse calls us back and checks Bella’s weight – a whole 13lbs! Then we sit, and sit, and sit. Luckily she’s in a pretty decent mood, even naked. Usually she’s a disaster after the clothes come off. I tweet about being in the Dr’s office and why, and many of you kindly write back you hope she’s ok. 🙂

The Dr. checks her out, assures me she’s fine but needs to be back on Zantac and possibly start solids to see if that will help. By this time, she’s a mess. It’s been 2 1/2 hours since she nursed and she has no tolerance for that kind of thing. We head out to the car, where luckily I have dark windows, and I nurse her in the back.

And then I remember. I have no burp cloth next to me. There is no “Well, maybe this time she won’t spit up” with Bella. Ever. I think about it in a panic as I survey the car, deciding what on earth we could use. Her blankets are all the type that barf would slide right off of – I need a soaker. Then I see it – a burp cloth in the passenger side on the floor. After she’s done, I put her into the car seat. We can’t both fit through the space between the front seats so I have to grab it, and then grab her from the seat in hopes that…

It’s too late. I pick her up from her car seat and she projectiles everywhere. All over me, her, the seats, the back of the seats, the diaper bag, it all gets heaved on. I sit a minute with her looking at me with a little smile on her face because apparently, she feels much better. Then I begin the 15 minute burp session. She passes out half way through it. Her little face is pressed against my shoulder with a look of complete contentment.

So today we are putting her on meds. She used to barf up that too, only it made it smell like peppermint. Which I guess if I have to smell like something all day long, peppermint is the way to go.

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