Curious about cloth or already in CD love? Enter to win BIG with Thirsties! – CLOSED

March 18, 2010

I am so excited to announce this challenge/giveaway. After the last Thirsties giveaway, I had so many of you write me and say, “I want to try to cloth diaper, I just don’t know where to begin.” I know I was so overwhelmed by choices, the unknown of cloth, and the “What about travel, overnights, cleaning, costs?” that I almost didn’t do it. I’m so glad I did. Most of my readers know I adore cloth diapers. I want everyone to understand how much fun they can be, how great they are for everyday use, and how much better they are for the environment than disposables.

I contacted Thirsties to tell them I wanted to do a whole segment on cloth diapering, and could they offer any advice? Not only did they – here’s where my head explodes in excitementthey offered to provide an amazing prize to one of you!

Wanna know what it is? Of course you do.

A Thirsties Gift Bundle, which consists of :
– FIVE Duo Diapers in your choice of size (which offer the same ease of use as disposables. Dads love them; great for everyday, overnights and travel)
– two packs of Fab Wipes in your choice of colors (to wipe away the mess)
– the Thirsties Prewash and Super Wash (for washing the diapers)
– a 4oz and a 8 oz Booty Luster (for tiny bottoms)
This entire bundle retails for around $170! It’s the perfect way to add to your stash, or to get a great start at cloth diapering.
Yes. I just heard heads around the world exploding as well. The Duo Diaper alone is worth entering for, as this little number is a hot commodity with Dads and daycares. Five of them and a host of other Thirsties goodies is almost unreal. I’m actually a little jealous of who ever wins this. 🙂
Who can enter:
Anyone – currently cloth diapering or not. See below for details.
Mandatory Entries:
Be sure to leave an email address or have one on your profile page! First commenter gets 1 additional entry- for fun. 🙂
– Become a Thirsties Facebook Fan or tell me that you already are. (1 entry)
– Leave a comment stating why you want to try cloth diapering, or currently do, with Thirsties products. (1 entry)
Additional (optional) entries:
Pick up the “30 days of Thirsties” badge and post it on the homepage of your blog. Leave a link in your comment so I can find it. (1 entry)

– Currently follow or become a follower of this blog. (1 entry)

– Tweet this: Take the “30 days of Thirsties” #clothdiaper challenge from @lifeasaSAHM. Win a huge Thirsties #giveaway worth $170! (1 tweet per day. 1 entry each time.)

– Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post. (1 entry)

– Purchase Thirsties product(s) and email me with a description of what you ordered and from where. (3 entries)
– Sign up for a cloth diaper trial. Email me the trial and company name. (4 entries)

If you do not own any Thirsties or cloth diapers but are interested in purchasing some, here are several options to try them out risk free.

You can purchase a trial package from these sites: -try diapers for a two week period with the Try Cloth Diapers program – One at a time is $19.95 ( you can try any number of diapers for the 19.95 each) – You send back the diaper if you do not want to keep it, and they will send you another diaper of your choice to try. When you are done trying, you receive a refund of $10.00, and a $5.00 voucher for Earth Angels Diaper Company. -try any diapers for 30 days, send back (stain free) what you do not want, and receive a full store credit (minus shipping charges). -try any diapers for 15 days, send back (stain free) what you do not want, and receive a store credit (minus shipping charges)

You can also purchase prefolds or Thirsties Fab Fitteds with Thirsties Duo Wraps or Thirsties Diaper Covers. Be sure to include Snappis if you do this. (Email me with questions)


This contest will be open for both U.S. and Canadian residents for 30 days and ends on April 16th, 2010. All entries will be checked prior to a winner being selected by Any entries not fitting the rules will be deleted. Winner will be contacted by email and have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

You may contact me at any time with ANY questions regarding this contest or cloth diapering – including laundry, a heavy wetter, explosive poops, nighttime options, smelly diapers, prepping, and traveling. If I can’t tell you, I’ll get Thirsties on it!

 I will be posting helpful tips from Thirsties on various days during the month of this giveaway, as well as the benefits of cloth diapering. Check out Metta1313’s blog on Sunday 3/21 for why I started cloth diapering and some funny stories about it.

I am so excited about doing this, and can’t wait to hear from all of you! Good luck and happy diapering!

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