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March 28, 2010

I like to go blog hunting. It totally gives me a thrill to discover some little gem of a blog no one else knows about. Then when I find it; I shoot it, bag it up, have it stuffed and mounted on my wall with beady glass eyes. Mountain man style.

No. That stuff creeps me out for reals. It’s like the head is always looking at you wherever you are in the room.

Anyway, the other day, I was on one of my favorite blogs reading their recent posts, and noticed one of the comments said, “Found you from Hormonal Imbalances.” Which completely piqued my interest. I didn’t recognize the name, and once I clicked on it, I didn’t recognize the blog. Which gave me a small tingle of excitement – I’d found someone who likes my blog (or at the very least stumbled onto it and read a post from a guest blogger they liked). All that mattered was, they remembered the name of mine. I started reading this one, and it was about a woman who was writing that she had just found out she didn’t have cancer. BINGO. I was hooked. I mean, that’s a huge deal. Cancer really sucks, so I wanted to know more.

I went back through her posts to find she and her husband are getting ready to try to have kids, and just when they think they might be ready to try, this cancer scare comes along. On top of that, they are moving and she has to tell her boss. Also, she just quit smoking and wants to lose 30lbs before getting pregnant. Man, this chick has a lot going on.

She just redesigned her blog and it’s looks really cute, and I’m excited she’s a frequent poster. Nothing like finding an interesting story that at the final post, you realize was last updated in ’06. You’re left wondering, “But what happened?”

I always enjoy finding new blogs out there. And most of you probably do too. I don’t have any agenda in writing this, just wanted to share a blog I like with you. I hope she won’t mind I did this, but I didn’t think she would since her blog is a public one. I hope you’ll head over, read her posts, and give her a follow.

Maybe come back and let me know what you thought? Or leave me a link to a blog you love?


  • Dana @SearsFam

    November 9, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    I went over & followed. I read a bit & plan to read more tomrw! I too love finding new Blogs to read 🙂

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