5 months in pictures

April 15, 2010

Dear Bella,

You are 5 months old today! Where has the time gone? When I was 5 months pregnant with you, we saw this picture, and you were dubbed “pumpkin head.” I was afraid of what you would look like when you were born, but other pictures from mommies showed me that you were normal, albeit a tad creepy looking.
And now? Now you are perfection – non round head and all. I am so glad one of your tiny toes touches the floor in your bouncy as you hop up and down like the one legged girl in My Name is Earl. You find this so funny that you crack yourself up. You like to be on the lawn that Daddy is so proud of. Pulling the grass up one handful at a time.
Daddy and I love the way you giggle about things. I heard you laughing today as I stepped out of the shower. Daddy said he was eating a dried papaya and when he popped it in his mouth you would scream in delight. You laugh when I bounce my head against your tummy in the air, and when I make you pretend punch me.
You are almost ready to sit on your own, but falling forward is still what happens. You have many loves – monkey bat hybrid, glowing sea horse, crinkly lion, Sophie, your bug that buzzes in your car seat. I’m waiting to see which one captures your heart completely and becomes your lovie. So I can buy 10 of them. Just in case. 🙂
The kitties are beginning to get used to you. If you wouldn’t grab a fistful of them when they got close, they would probably love you more. Hopefully they get used to that soon. I love how Boxer gets upset when you cry, he stands up and peers at you anxiously and then goes to find me.

You are already in 6 month clothes. All the diapers fit you now, and some are being moved into the “maybe for next time” bin. Some of your outfits don’t quite fit anymore but I love them so much we just make do. You wore sunglasses for the first time today, and quite frankly, you rocked them. The “Blue Steel” look was magnificent.
You are looking at us as we eat in both interest and what seems to be hunger. We are thinking about solids soon, Momma wants to wait 6 months because you are her first and she tends to be over-protective and a bit of a perfectionist, but we’ll see if we can hold out another month.
You are so alert. Everything fascinates you – fish in Nana and Grandpa’s tank, the birds, grass, the flashing of the TV. You recognize faces, especially mine and Daddy’s, but also Nana, Grandpa, and Auntie Alyson’s. You are the center of everyone’s universe around here, and moving won’t just be hard on us.
You are very much loved beastling. I look at you at night and think, “So worth it.” Every sleepless night, every spit up, every explosive poop, fistful of hair, stretch mark and extra pound.
I love you so much it hurts.
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