Exercising Blows

April 2, 2010

Pardon my French. I don’t know what is so hard about it. Seriously, I feel so much better when I go for a walk, do 30 minutes on my antelope thing…I can’t remember what it’s called, by Tony Little… the Gazelle! (Lol, I bet some of you were like, “Where does this chick live that she uses an antelope to exercise with?”) I could do yoga, even just stretch. Instead, I spend a good portion of my time talking myself out of it. “It’s too windy/cold/snowing/sunny for Bella.” My child hates to be out of her routine anyway, a walk around the block the other day sent her into spasms of rage unbeknown to mankind, where she nearly choked on her own vomit in anger. Really, it’s not motivating to deal with that.

And then, each time I get ready to do anything, it’s a change of clothes, or shoes, or I have to pull stuff out to use it, find the right channel on TV (Namaste Yoga on Fit TV is so amazing). So by the time that all happens, it’s time to nurse or put her down for a nap (in which she continually wakes up and beams up at me in happiness that she is no longer asleep) or she’s fussy and I have to entertain her.

Yes, all excuses. Could I find a way if I really wanted to? Sure, I did it before. I lost 17 lbs on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant. And now? Well, I’m breastfeeding. And the Dr. said to hang on to 10-15 extra pounds. And we all know you’re supposed to religiously obey your Dr. 🙂 Oh, I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I’m only about 7lbs away from where I was before. But quite frankly, my nakedness makes me think otherwise. Which is why we don’t meet much.

I need to get into a routine I guess. Something where I can have complete control over what I do and can stop it and start it again if (and when) I’m interrupted. Or ask Sam to take Bella for a while at night specifically for me to use that time to get moving. The thing is, when he takes her, I’d rather write on here.  Ah, therein lies the problem. I need Blogging-To-Go, “The solution for the mommy blogger with a fat butt.” Hahaha.

Suggestions? Anyone else do this? How do you make time for this kind of thing? Why is it so hard to get started and so very easy to talk myself out of it? And why is there no chocolate in my cupboard…

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