I want your lawn mower.

April 29, 2010

So… remember the posts I wrote about friends and what a hard time I had after moving from New Jersey? This post was supposed to be a kind of “grand finale.” A ending that was magic, made you think, “That’s amazing, how special.” But after this week, it may have all changed. I’m not at liberty to say why yet, only that I can’t post on it until I know for sure whats happening. I’m sad and yet I know things happen for a reason. Hopefully it will all work out.

On a happier note – our home showed today and within hours we had… OUR FIRST OFFER! ::head explodes:: We are so excited and waiting to hear back after we countered. A short sale means all kinds of different rules and negotiations. The weird part?
 The lady asked that we include our lawn mower in things she wanted.


Yes. The lawn mower. A push one on wheels we bought specifically for the front yard to save on gas and (what else?) be more eco friendly. So after some laughter and my realtor saying it was a definite first for her, we agreed. After all, we can buy another one. So could she, but if that’s what the selling point is, then lady, the lawn mower you shall have.

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