Other lawn mowers in the sea

April 30, 2010

Apparently, these other lawn mowers are much better than ours. Because after our counter offer, the woman interested in our home rejected it and within hours had a contract on another home.

Then after getting this news, Sam called to inform me that they had denied his transfer until after July 7th. So he will put in for it again after that. He’ll still get it, but it just will be a little longer than we thought. In the meantime, he’s looking around for other jobs where we’re moving just in case.

And to top it all off, a lady that was interested in me nannying for her and bringing Bella – 4 days a week, paid vacation, close to where we want to live – called me and talked about her position. Turns out, not only were we WAY off on pay, she doesn’t pay taxes on her nannies. Nice. Can I just tell you – this is illegal. Regardless of how wonderful you think you are being by letting your nanny have no record of income or social security benefits for the time she works with you, it’s illegal. So that ended our conversation.

However, Bella rolled over today – from belly to back! First time ever, in any direction. I tried forever after to capture it and put it on here, but she never would do it again. She simply would smash her face into the carpet and scream in anger. While blowing bubbles. If you’ve never seen a baby blow angry bubbles, it is one of the funniest things ever. Sam and I love it so much.

I am actually thankful the way things turned out – because if one of those three things – house, transfer, job – had worked and the rest hadn’t, we’d have been in a real mess. So we’re just starting from scratch again. House is still on the market, we know we don’t want to include any personal property in the sale, we’ll have the summer to spend with my parents here, and I can look around for a job that fits our needs.

On a side note, you may have noticed less blog posts on here, as well as less commenting on my end on your blogs. I am so sorry – in all honesty I do read all your blogs, I just don’t have time to comment. I read them on my Droid and once in a while it will send a comment through but for the most part it just deletes them after I hit publish. I barely have time these days to write these posts. I hope it gets better, but for the next few months it will be sporadic. Thank you for all your faithful commenting on mine though.

And giveaways? Yeah, those have pretty much stopped. I do have one coming up in May, but I’m going to start being very picky with the ones I do and only do them every so often. They are hard to write up, a pain to track and I’m tired of contacting companies whose products turn out to be bunk and telling them I won’t do a review or giveaway of their product. So high quality, fun, interesting ones only from now on. 🙂

Thanks for reading – and sticking with me through my crazy blogged life. I promise to do the best I can on keeping up with all of yours.

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