Sleep Training Night 4 – So Close!

April 13, 2010

It’s the paci. It has to go.

Last night Bella went down at 8:15, fussed for about 5 minutes and then fell asleep. Till 12:00am people!!! I was so excited! I nursed her one last time at that point – I was going to do the 2am nursing like Beth suggested but I had nursed her at 6:30pm, so when we put her down it was too early to do it again, and I felt like waiting any longer would make her not go back to sleep. But I think waiting till she naturally wakes up for the first time at night is a good idea and that’s why I waited till she did at midnight.

I talked to our Dr. yesterday about nursing her at night. She has wanted me to start sleep training since Bella was 3 months, but at that point we were loving co-sleeping and I thought she was too young. She respected our decision but was happy to hear we were giving it a try. She said that Bella’s weight (13lbs) meant that she could go 8 hours without nursing, but she didn’t recommend any longer than that right now. Which was good to know, Good Night Sleep Tight does mention that not all children should go 10/12 hours without being fed, and I felt like that was pushing it. Bella seems pretty content with 8 hours at night.

I was determined not to sleep in her nursery because my back is killing me and it does seem to disturb her more. Which is why co-sleeping and sleeping in our room wasn’t working any longer – we kept waking her up and she couldn’t get a good nights rest.

At 3:00 she was up. But went right back to sleep – when I popped the pacifier back in. And at 5 and 6. Same thing – light fussing and not fully awake, and fell asleep immediately once the paci was in her mouth. At 7 she was up and fussy, so I nursed her.

I was so tired still that I didn’t do dramatic wake up or anything like that – and she was still rubbing her eyes. So I put her in bed with me and we both ended up falling asleep together for 2 hours. I’m hoping I didn’t cause a relapse or confuse the poor thing. I thought about that after we woke up. Mothering is tough. I do love to snuggle with her though.

Anyway, I feel so much better than I have in a long time. I was still up but not for long each time. 1/2 minutes. Thankfully she wasn’t hysterical or even really awake – and the changes I see in her are really amazing. She is such a happy baby – her naps are longer and more on schedule, she is ready to play when she wakes up, and it’s changed our whole home. Still barfing, but then why would sleep help that? 😉

My fear is this – if I take away the paci Bella won’t sleep at all. I know that by going in there and putting it back in she’ll go to sleep. If I don’t, she gets mad and won’t go back to sleep. I haven’t tried just not ever putting it back in because I don’t want her to cry it out and that’s what no paci results in. But I know if I could somehow figure out a way to break the addiction to it she would sleep through the night. The “falling out of the mouth” is causing her to wake up and search for it.

I’m re-reading the book to see if it offers any suggestions about this – how did you all do it? Or plan on doing it? Or am I overlooking something that could let her keep it?

* I have big updates about us moving/staying/going back to work. I’ll post them tonight.

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