Sleep Training, Night One of Terror

April 9, 2010

So if you’ve been reading my blog long, you know a few things about my daughter Bella.

1. We adore her.
2. She barfs, a lot.
3. She doesn’t sleep through the night. At all. Even by accident.

I am so tired after almost 5 months of her up every 1-2 hours needing to nurse and or just cry. We don’t want to do the cry it out method. Nor do we want to start Bella on solids for another month due to my side of the family’s food allergies and Sam’s side of digestive problems. We’ve decided to sleep train instead.

Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook: The Sleep Lady's Gentle Step-by-step Guide for Tired ParentsThe PR people of Kim West, author of Good Night, Sleep Tight read my blog and offered to send me her workbook for free to see if it might help Bella. In the interest of full disclosure to you all – yes, I will do a review and yes, I did receive the book for free, but I really am having these problems. Nothing else has worked, and no, they didn’t ask me to write about this as I do it. However, I thought if I documented how this worked for me, or not, you would know if you really wanted to buy this book or use the methods I’m going to try.

So I sat down today and read The Good Night, Sleep Tight Workbook. It was very straightforward and assured me that no, Bella does not need to nurse every 2 hours round the clock, and she actually needs to be sleeping on a consistent schedule. Eye opener. I figured if I wasn’t nursing that often she would die of starvation.

So I’m going to be following their recommendations and advice for 2 weeks and keeping up with it on here as a second blog entry each day. While I’m not going to post every detail (why buy the book if you can look on here for all the steps?) I will give general information about what we tried, and detailed information on what happened.

Today after nap, the Pack’n Play is leaving our room. For good. I am putting her *gasp* in her crib! I know. Shocker. Finally.

I am so nervous. I mean, really, I am. For those of you with more than one kid, or a kid that immediately went in their room and slept all night, it might sound really stupid to be terrified of this. I have all sorts of fears; that she will stop breathing, that she will be afraid, that she will miss me, that she won’t be able to sleep, that I will ruin it all by giving in…on and on.

You know what? I’m taking the plunge anyway. I know that if I have to go back to work, this will be one of the best things I could have done for all of us. Sam is completely on board with it. We are a team and we’re going to make this work.

Tonight will be the big night, a night that we set a firm bedtime routine and schedule. I’m interested to see how it turns out. I’ll post on it tomorrow, it might be my only post, it might be a second one. It just depends on how tired I am. Don’t expect to see it up at 6 am, because I have a feeling for a few days I won’t be on here until noon. 😉

Oh, if you’ve read and used this book or workbook, I would love any feedback, suggestions, information you can give me. And as we go along, I hope you will leave comments on what worked for you, and maybe answer any questions I have. Of course, also leave encouragement to keep going. Especially if your kid already sleeps through the night. ::jealous::


Kim West, The Sleep Lady®, has appeared on CNN, The Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News and The Dr. Phil Show and has become one of America’s leading experts on common sense approaches to parenting. She also hosts the sleep section of The Newborn Channel, played in maternity wards in hospitals across the country.

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