Thirsties Outlet Store

April 2, 2010

Love getting a good deal? Well, then you have to check out the Thirsties Outlet Store!!

The Outlet Store stocks items with slight imperfections at a discounted price.

Our Outlet Store is online only, accept for Canon City residents.

Normally the items have small defects such as marks, or imperfect stitching. Other times it is because it has a missing a tag or the items are overstock or discontinued. All items are perfectly useable!

We do not have a full stock of items, and we are not able to fortell when we will restock items. These are items found with defects during our wholesale packing process, so you have to keep checking to find your bargain!

Available to US customers only. All sales are final, so please check the sizing chart to make sure you are buying the correct size for your little one!

Don’t forget to take the “30 Days of Thirsties” Challenge!

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