Yesterday, Featured Blogger, & Giveaway Winners

April 16, 2010

Here’s what happened yesterday:

Please excuse all the marked out stuff but, you know, crazies. :/ So yeah. We’re sad, scared, excited, and still working it all out. The best part? Instead of $20,000 or more that we are going to lose on our home, it’s going to be more like $5,000. Which is wonderful.

The bad part? Um, we totally forgot about realtor fees. Yeah. We’re short selling our home, we won’t get any money out of it. So the $8,000 we owe to the realtor? We aren’t sure where that’s going to come from. :/

We talked about selling it ourselves. We also talked about just jamming sticks into each others eyes for fun. Neither of those sounded like good options.

Anyway, please check out Baby to Go – my Featured Friday Blogger that travels the world with her little guy in tow. She is amazing – I have no idea how she does it.

Don’t forget to check back for 2 giveaway winners! The Thirsties giveaway and {Jules} giveaway!! I’ll be announcing them sometime this afternoon.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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