Comments – how to get ’em.

May 1, 2010

We all want comments. Seriously, there isn’t anything like the little thrill of opening up your email to someone that stumbled across your blog and left a note, or a “I’ve been following you forever, this is my first comment” or have one of your readers suddenly connect with a post you wrote and tell you.

How do you get more comments? As you can see, my posts are hit and miss. At times I’ll write something that I think, “Meh” about, and it gets 22 comments. Other times, I pour my heart out to 2 people who leave a note. That’s ok, not everyone is going to feel the need to comment on every single post I write.

But I have learned a bit about how to gain more than the first few months I was writing. I’m going to share that with you.

Leave comments on other people’s blogs. I’m not the number one commenter by any means, and lately it’s been rough to even post on here, let alone read everyone else’s and comment, but it’s the way to go. The way I find and add blogs to my extremely overstuffed reader is by clicking on your name in the comment. And by clicking on your name in other people’s comments. The other day I added a blog because one person was such a faithful commenter on my friends site, and I thought, “I need to check her out.” And I loved her blog.

I try to click on each person that leaves me a comment and comment back on their blog post. Try – I know there are a few I just don’t get around to doing this for. I’m working on it. 🙂


There is a right way and a (very) wrong way to go about commenting. Here are the wrong ways in my humble opinion:

1. “Just stopping by from …… You can check out my blog at …..” :/ Nothing saddens me more than this comment. It’s like they didn’t (and they probably didn’t) read my post, have no intention of getting to know me, and don’t care about my blog.

2. “Hi, I’m new to blogging and would love for you to follow mine. Thanks.” NO. This automatically means I will not be following yours. Again, no mention of what I just wrote. Just a plea for followers.

3. “Great post. I’m hosting a giveaway you might be interested in at….” Which means if I could, I would burn your blog to the ground right now. Because it’s akin to spam – hoping I will enter your giveaway and all my other commenters will as well by leaving that message.

4. “Interested free Viagra at low cost? jghtyehslqpur,vnxkha;dk Please contact SUJPAHR for immediate response.” Luckily, my Blogger catches most of these. May I just say, as much as I love comments, this one I can totally hit delete on without a second thought.

Those are my (and many other bloggers) pet peeves. As much as I love comments, I want real comments. From other people who read and liked, disliked, hated, whatevered my post. I want to hear back about the thoughts I had and you think the same thing, the day I wrote about, a milestone my daughter hit and so did yours on the same day. Those are the best. I would take 1 comment of, “Me too! I feel the same way because…” or even, “I disagree because…” than 400 of the “Just stopping by” or “Follow me” comments.

All of us bloggers want to feel like what we’re writing matters. This is why at times I only leave a few comments a day on the blogs I love. I truly want to sit down and read what they wrote. I like to pick out something I can refer back to when I leave a comment. It takes time, but if I leave a comment for you, rest assured I read your  post in its entirety.

That’s what blogging publicly is all about.


  • Bethany @ Organic Enchilada

    June 27, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Those commenting don'ts are priceless. I hate those "check out my blog" ones. It just tells me that I would probably hate their blog. And I'm with you – I will never follow someone who asks me to.

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