McFatty Monday – Meh :/

May 10, 2010

Well, this week was a little different than I had planned. I forgot about Mother’s Day – no, wait. I actually forgot about chocolates, wine, and that my husband would want to cook for me. I love his cooking. And I love wine, chocolates… and the entire block of Brie I had in one sitting. 🙁 I know. I felt really awful the next morning as well.

Anyway, the nice thing about Weight Watchers is you get to start over. Sunday is my weigh in/erase the past week day. I had blown all my weekly extra points (I think everyone gets 35 of those – it’s added onto the daily points after you consume those), but one the other hand I exercised 5 days out of 7. That was good. I was proud of that.

I gingerly stepped on the scale (this morning because yesterday was church and I just didn’t have time), said a little prayer of desperation, and saw this:

I lost 1.6lbs! I was very pleased.

Things I’ve realized this week:

  • I eat when I’m bored – something I thought I never did.
  • I unconsciously snack.
  • I eat less when I make my meals instead of just microwaving something.
  • I don’t drink enough water – and at times mistake thirst for hunger.
  • Exercise makes me feel better – physically and mentally.
  • I was not counting the “little extra” I eat of something (like the rest of the noodles in the strainer after I already measured out my cup) and it adds up to several more points.

I know having to type in every, single thing you eat sounds like a pain. For the first week – yes. It is. But if you think about it – most people tend to eat the same things over and over again. I do. So after a week, 90% of my food items and the serving sizes are already plugged in and saved as Favorites. All I have to do is click them and in they go to the form.

I already see a difference in the way my jeans fit. I still have a ways to go, but I’m getting there. Next week, I’ll do the vlog on the Gazelle. I’m actually not looking forward to it – so you better be nice and enjoy it. 😉

– Question for you Weight Watchers people: What do you do when you eat out and you have no idea how many points the food is? Guess? Skip it for that day?

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