Oh, I’m sorry – I didn’t realize I have “IDIOT” tattooed on my forehead

May 19, 2010

As an update, please read this.

I closed comments on this post. I am not interested in having people coming from the site that wrote an awful, awful post on me commenting. Read on, understand that this was only one email of MANY that I am pitched throughout the day. I am not hatefilled or rageful, nor did I link to the company or name them. Unlike what they did to me. I am just tired of the pitches. And – Jen wrote me back a very nice email. Very nice. She was polite and sweet and apologetic, which made me feel bad for writing her and not the company that wanted the review/pitch done. However, what I wrote – I stand by. Enough. Sorry if that makes me hateful and needing therapy. It’s just an opinion.

Here’s a blogger I respect and whose blog I love (and learn from) who wrote about this. She isn’t siding with me, in fact, some of what she wrote chides me for what I did. But I learned a lot, and it’s an honest viewpoint. http://bit.ly/8XVjiw

Raise your hand if you get daily emails from random PR/companies asking you to pitch their new sandals/hat/magazine/sunscreen/sales without giving you anything in return. And somehow, the message that is coming across is, “It’s ok, you NEED to do this for us. After all, you’re a mommy blogger. That’s what you do. Thanks.”

Um. No please. Why on earth would you think it’s my job to pitch your product for free? I mean, seriously? Now, there are the companies that offer to send you the product for review. Some of them I’ve worked with are amazing. Like go above and beyond with what they send me in return for an honest post on their product.

But too often I get a sample. A trial size. A list of “must do’s” I have to put as entries – without any thought of it being my blog, and my time. I work my butt off to do a review and host a giveaway – and they have the audacity to send me a to do list or flippin’ sample?

If you can’t tell, I’m pissed. Like I have to delete every other word because I am misspelling from typing so fast. My hands can’t keep up with my brain. I can’t fathom why companies do this? Why do they treat us, a group of educated, loving, fun, intelligent women like a bunch of idiots? Where did the idea come from that it’s acceptable to send someone a letter asking them to work for free just because they have a blog?

Even more upsetting – where did the idea come from that we should be ok with being treated like this? Or agree to do it? ::headexplosion::

I put my foot down. I am sick and tired of being asked to promote some company I have never heard of, or a product I know nothing about. It’s rude, irritating, and demeaning. These people view us as “easy advertising.” And I’m over it. So you know what I did? Read on:

Here’s a recent letter to me, from someone who obviously has never read my blog:

Hi Diana,

Summer shopping season has begun, and for fashionistas ages 5-12 FashionPlaytes.com lets girls be the designer and create their own summer tees tanks, and dresses!

The site also just added adorable 18” doll dresses, so girls can now design matching outfits for their favorite playmates.

If you’re interested in sharing this fantastic site with your readers, FashionPlaytes is more than happy to create a customized coupon code just for your readers so they can save $10 off their next order of $35 or more.

In addition, FashionPlaytes can send along a $20 gift card to offer as a giveaway to a lucky reader with a wannabe Project Runway contestant at home.

Let me know if you’re interested, and we’d love to work with you!

Best regards,

And here is my response:

Hi Jennifer,

Not to be rude – but I’m curious. Why would I promote a company I’ve had no contact with, and a product I know nothing about, with the additional add in of not being compensated in any way? That seems ludicrous to me. I can’t imagine writing you and asking for free products and then saying, “But I won’t be talking about them on my blog. I just want them, and in return your company needs to link my site on theirs.”

I’m sorry, but unless you’re paying me, or sending me the product so I can review it before I pitch honestly it to my readers – whom I love – I don’t have any interest in working with you.

And – I’ll be blogging on this. Thanks.

I can’t wait to see her response. You can bet your sweet bippy it probably won’t be very nice. Because you know what? I figured them out, and they’re hoping we’re all stupid enough not to catch on.

It’s time for this to stop. How insulting to receive these letters. If you feel the same – write them back! Respond with a “What in the world?” email that makes THEM think about what they’re doing. Why is our time worth nothing, or a sample, or a trial offer? Why? Because we’re moms? Because we’re bloggers? I don’t know, but frankly, I don’t care. I’m done with it. Any company from now on that writes me the same garbage above, will receive the same response.

Your time is worth something. Your blog, no matter how big or small, is worth something. YOU are worth something. Whether it’s the product itself that they send you, or a paycheck. Make it count. Host giveaways you can be proud of – pitch items that you can stand behind and say, “Yes, this company rocks.” Don’t accept anything less. We are moms, we are bloggers, we are much smarter than they think, and we deserve to be treated fairly.

::fist pump::

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