Side note to yesterday

May 12, 2010

Sam and are are going out to dinner in a little while – leaving Bella with her first babysitter, Auntie Alyson, my sister. I’m excited because we SO need this. We need to talk, we need time to ourselves, we need to be uninterrupted for a while. Sam said, “But I want to take Bella,” and both realized what that would mean – no dinner finished, constant fussing, etc. 🙂

About yesterday’s post. For a while I considered taking it down. I felt like I couldn’t read it to Sam, and that is something I’ve told myself, “If I can’t read it to him, I shouldn’t write it on here.” All the posts before this that I have ever written that have him in them, I’ve read to him. But this one needed to be said, whether or not he ever knows about it. I’ve said all of it to him before as well, so it’s nothing that I’m hiding and if he stumbled on he’d think, “WTH just happened?”

I also wanted to say that it wasn’t meant for any other blogger than myself. I love all the blogs I read, and all of us blog for different reasons. Photography, to ask for advice, letters to our babies, documenting milestones in life, issues we struggle with, and just for fun. I know that, and I sincerely hope no one was offended or thought I was saying, “I’m the ONLY honest blogger out there, the rest of you just hide behind puppies and rainbows all the time.” No. There are so many honest bloggers. So many. See my blog roll? Yep. All you ladies, and bunches more. My blog is, for me, a document of my life as a mom, wife, and person. As well as a stress reliever. If I’m not going to be honest about those things, there isn’t any point in me blogging.

Of course, there are private things in my marriage and life I will never share, but I’ll never make up stories instead. I just won’t talk about them. That was what I was getting at – if I’m going to share it, I need to share it truthfully. I wasn’t lying, I was just acting like everything was wonderful. Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for reading and commenting. I read every one of them and they all helped in their own way.

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