Sunday Confessions: Comment Overload

June 13, 2010

I thought this might be as good a day as any to do a confession post.

Sometimes, I’m happily reading along to a post I enjoy. Nodding my head, laughing or tearing up at the words.

Then I get to the end and see something like: 36 comments.

And, most of the time, I click off. 🙁  If you have more than like 60, I probably won’t ever comment.

Seriously, it’s like I just say, “Well, if she has that many, what will mine matter?”

How stupid. I love comments – and my posts that have a lot mean even more because I know people really felt enough when they read it to let me know. I read all of mine and if I don’t know you, I click on your name and go to your blog and look around.

I’m trying to get over that. Part of it is jealousy, and part of it is just feeling like my comment would get lost.
There is this Sunday’s confession. Don’t hate me forever.

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