Seventh Generation Diapers Review

August 20, 2010

If you’re considering disposables, want to start a newborn out in something eco friendly before making the switch to cloth diapering, or looking for a great alternative to cloth – even for just trips or daytime use – this is something you’ll want to read.

When we moved, we sold our washer/dryer and had to go without cloth diapers for just under a week. After tweeting about what kind of disposables I should go with (something eco friendly, no harsh chemicals, and that worked) I decided to try Seventh Generation’s diapers.

I bought 2 packages of size 2’s (12-18lbs and 40 in a pack) and they fit Bella (15.5lbs) perfectly. I was surprised that they were brown, but then realized it was because they aren’t bleached out like regular disposables.

Chemicals: I did find that the light brown texture is not due to the “natural” color, but rather they “use brown pigments to help distinguish Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers from others in the marketplace that are bleached with chlorine-containing substances.” – Seventh Generation.

Wondering about the safety of this, I learned that they, “offer an alternative that is not bleached with chemicals containing chlorine, and are working hard to further improve the sustainability of our diaper products.” The brown coloring is made with pigments that cause no known harm or effects. The white coloring of others is caused by the chlorine bleaching it out.

Which makes me wonder – if you need to wash off after being in a pool filled with chlorine, why would your kid be safe 24-7, for 2+ years in a diaper that uses it? :/

Biodegradable: No, Seventh Generation’s diapers (to the best of my knowledge) are not biodegradable, but the process of making them has significantly less of an impact on the earth than ordinary disposables.

I have tried several biodegradable options, and I’m not impressed. They either fell apart in use (which made a holy mess) or were impossible to get in a diaper cover. If I find a good one, I’ll let you guys know.

Overnights: I worried the most about this – Bella can be a heavy wetter. I never, ever had a leak or problem at night. Also, she didn’t wake up in a sopping wet diaper that weighed a metric ton.

Price wise: sells a pack of Seventh Generation (40 diapers, size 2) for $11.29. Pampers Swaddlers are 11.29 for 33 diapers, and Huggies Snug & Dry are $11.29 for 36. So, Seventh Generation is the better deal.


  • They were trim.
  • They were gentle, left no red marks on her skin.
  • They caused no diaper rash (which was great).
  • They were perfect fitting around the waist and thighs.
  • We never had a blowout or leak – even at night.
  • No matter how much Bella wet, they didn’t become saggy.


  • One of the packs I bought (from had great elastic on it. The other pack (from my local food store) had this elastic that curved in on the ends. It was harder to grip and maneuver.

That’s it! We loved them, and would use them again anytime. I highly recommend them for any use.


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