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What does f*ck mean?

October 19, 2010

I know, the title is a bit – drastic. But this is a question no 2nd grader should really ever have to ask her mom. I mean, when I was in 2nd grade, singing “there’s a place in France, where the women come to dance, in their underpants” song was pretty bad. (Anyone remember that?) Now we’ve got kids flipping each other off? Maybe not understanding the full meaning but enough of it to use it properly.

So what will you do if/when your kid asks you what that word is, or what it means when they get flipped off? How do you explain something like that to a 7 year old?

This is a topic my friend Kim from BabyFeet is dealing with right now with her daughter. I shudder thinking of the day when I have to explain anything like that to Bella.

Care to offer some advice? I’m curious, and I know she is too, to know what everyone else would say to their kid or how they would handle it.

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