A little news

October 30, 2011

I met Suz from Suz’s Treats at BlogHer this year after 6+ months of all four of us roommates chatting online and Skyping. She is a Southern girl to the core (which I am so jealous of – that accent and she lives in NC which is my dream) and one of the sweetest people around. Her husband and her have been dealing with infertility and all that comes with it (horrible, painful things she’s been brave enough to blog about) for almost 2 years.

I remember being angry at the fact she was struggling so hard to be pregnant when it was obvious to anyone she’d make an incredible mother. Life isn’t fair.

Today, she’s sharing an update on their journey over on her blog. Comments are off here in hopes that you will leave one there for what is sure to be the start of  the biggest event of her life. And because you guys rock at commenting (seriously) I can’t wait to see what everyone says.

Grab a tissue and head over…

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