I know. It’s shocking.

May 19, 2012

My blog Facebook page will never work again.

I know, right? Even Bella is surprised.

Dangit Facebook.

A couple weeks ago I deactivated my personal page for a while, making my sister an admin of my blog FB page. Only FB never added her as one. So once I reactivated, my page had no admin. And wouldn’t let me be one. Ever again. Or anyone else. And no one can post as the page.

I’ve contacted Facebook. ::snort:: I’ve googled it, only to find hundreds of people who did the same thing and never heard back either. So after 2 weeks I realized I needed to start a new one where I could one again post my blog updates, pics, and life stuff that really isn’t “blog post worthy.” (Like this post but didn’t have a choice and all.)

Lo and behold: My new FB blog page. Complete with my name on it.

I mean, most of you know my name by now I think. Probably where I live. So that’s a little creepy but also a load off my back. I can stop pretending I’m famous and I live somewhere super exotic.

Wait. I think that ship sailed a while ago…

If you like it, you’ll keep updated on anything new and all the blog posts. And I will actually be able to keep up with those of you not on Twitter!


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