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May 22, 2012

Starting today, and each Tuesday, I’m going to be writing over at MilitaryFamily.com – and I am so very excited about this.

I realized I don’t talk a lot on being a military wife or how it affects our life as a family. I bring it up here and there when it’s a big change (moving, Sam being gone) but for the most part it’s never been a huge part of this blog.

You know I am, but it’s been very new to us with the move into the Army this year. But, after a year as an Army spouse and 2 years as a Marine wife, I’d love to start talking about it more. How it changes things for us – from holidays to moving to even vacation time. 

So when MilitaryFamily asked if I’d like to write for them on those kinds of topics and more, I was thrilled. I was supposed to have started in April but then everything happened with the twins and the hospital, so I’m grateful they were willing to wait. I’ll be sharing what I know but also learning as I write on things we have and haven’t done yet.

Today is my first post and I would love for you all to head over there and read it, and then check out their site for all kinds of info. Even if you’re not military but maybe always wondered what on earth our lives are like, their website is the place to know a bit more.




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