India, Adoption, Grief, and Freedom

June 20, 2012

Today I’m writing at two different places. And I wanted to share both with you all as one gives you a peek into my past and the other a glimpse into our future.

At Hang on Baby, We’re Almost… Somewhere, I’m part of a series of posts on freedom that Jenn is hosting. I’m sharing about my trip to India years ago, what I saw, how I was treated as a woman, and how the whole thing changed my outlook on freedom here.

Over at Babble’s Being Pregnant, the post is about the night before last when I totally lost it about our adoption. Poor Sam had to talk me off a ledge. I’m still working through the grief process on both our boys and a total change in what I expected life to be – this post helped me sort it out even more.

I got to take off today and write at Starbucks for a few hours while our awesome sitter was with Bella. I also smacked myself in the face with my Starbucks cup (plastic) so hard when I pulled it out my purse that I gave myself a fat lip. Then I did a play by play of the lady next to me who needed to tell everyone about her and her kids lives at #starbuckslady on Twitter.

So pretty much you’re all welcome for the entertainment today. 😉


  • Noelle

    June 20, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    I just got a Twitter account and this reminds me I need to follow you and also, you know, figure Twitter out 🙂 I’m off to read about the #starbuckslady.

  • Jennifer @ Also Known As the Wife

    June 20, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    The #starbuckslady tweets were awesome but the fat lip not so much.

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