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On Bella and Growing Up

February 20, 2014

Bella -1

A few weeks ago it was cold outside.

It’s not anymore.

Sorry everyone else that gets a winter. I see your pics and I am also hoping spring comes soon for you all! O_o

Bella has this adorable hat that she wants to wear everywhere. She got herself all dressed on this day – and as she headed outside to play, I thought, “Wow, look how tall she’s getting.”

I’m so proud of the girl she is and is becoming, but sometimes my heart aches for the baby she was too. I find myself wondering if I will miss these days so much when she’s 9, 13, 17. Or will it be like now – where I remember them but am so enjoying the person she is now? I hope that’s the case.

Some of you all have watched her grow up on here since she was 2 months old. Isn’t that crazy? I’m shocked I managed to keep consistently blogging this long.

As time passes, I find myself more protective of what information I share about her online. It’s a hard line to walk between wanting to be honest about the ups and downs of parenthood and also wanting to respect her as my child and her own little person. I try – making it more to my perspective of it than about her.

She tells me all the time that when she grows up she’ll be a mommy and a writer. And like any good feminist 😉 I assure her that she can be whatever she wants; an astronaut, a soldier, the president, a construction worker, a teacher, and a mommy too. Even a few of them together. Then I tell her how much I love that she wants to be like me, because I love what I do.

At 4 she’s probably like – I just want to be a mommy with my own car and big girl underwear, but thanks for the life lesson lady. 


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  • Yvonne Thumma

    February 20, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    How cute she is . And such a smart child. Take care and god bless you all. Your cousin nanette

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