California Dreamin’

June 28, 2014

Gosh this place smells amazing.

Seriously. I think when you live in El Paso and you visit somewhere else – you realize how other places smell so good.

So we’re out in Santa Clara for my grandma’s 90th birthday. Bella and I flew out Thursday and, after delays and a nearly missed connecting flight, we arrived to a pretty sweet hotel here.

It’s so green and gorgeous. Growing up, we made the trip out here pretty frequently to see my extended family, so this area is like a second home. It’s different coming out here and then heading back to El Paso. There is a part of me that wishes we lived somewhere green and lush, and a part of me that wishes I’d not taken living in San Diego for granted at the start of our marriage.

I do know that a lot of that attitude had to do with me not being thankful/happy for much of anything. I was always searching for the next better thing.

El Paso has taught me such a valuable lesson about truly being able to be content and love where you are – not just long for where you wish you were.

That view comes from some very hard lessons and God – not my own specially smart brain. 😉

California 2

Yesterday we spent the morning at my aunt’s home, today was the birthday party. Bella has been sick since this morning so she’s next to me watching a movie as I write. Poor little thing. She seems to get something from traveling almost every trip.

California 1

We’re thinking on Monday we might head to the coast with her. I’d love that. The last time Bella was at the beach she was 18 months old and we’d gone to visit Sam in Georgia.

Coming back here for this special time will be something I never forget and I hope Bella always remembers.

california 3

(I know, she looks so sad and pathetic here. She fell asleep shortly after.)




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