A Day Out

July 15, 2014

This afternoon Bella and I went to the El Paso Exploreum. It’s like a Children’s Museum – most of it is based around science and hands on activities. We’ve been several times with friends, but today it was just her and I.

Bella at El Paso Exploreum

I’ve been taking her since it opened last January, and it’s fun (and wistful) to look back through the times we’ve gone and see how much she’s changed since then. She’s getting so darn tall and kid looking. The baby-ness has all but disappeared.

I watched her play, played with her, then let her interact with the other kids around. Despite being an only child and not having been in daycare or preschool, she’s such social little thing. Everywhere we go people comment on that. Even the Land of Nod crew here in December told me that of all the kids they’d worked with, she was by far the most outgoing.

Believe me, it was nice to hear.

I’m trying to spend more time with her – although at this point with our friends having moved, Sam constantly gone for work, and no other kids to have my attention – it seems like that’s all I do. Work and play with Bella. Not complaining – there are times I realize we just need to get out and be together but in a kid setting.

We went through an old time town set up with horses that move as you push up and down, a play school house, then on to sand and light tables, foam mazes, and magnet sand. She pretended to be a news anchor (“Take my picture! Do I look cute?”), and set sat in real airplane seats as she loaded the bags and asked me not to help her. And by asked I mean ripped them away from me and huffed.

Oh four and a half. What an age.

At the end, there’s a gift shop and lo and behold – it had this plastic dinosaur (“An ELASMOSAURUS MAMA”) that Bella had been pretending everything was at home since we didn’t have the real thing. So of course, that was $2 well spent.

Then we headed to Chipotle for dinner, and home.

If you’re ever in town (and you know this is the place to be) hit me up and we’ll take the kids to the museum and then ‘Potle.



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