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February 12, 2015

 This post was sponsored by the OneDay app, but all opinions (and super cute video below) are my own. 

OneDay App

The other day I told Sam, “Isn’t it cute how Bella says Pterodactyl? (She pronounces the ‘P’). Let’s never correct her.”

We have these little memories of her saying things wrong since she started talking. One or two random words she mis-hears, that she then says that way for a while until suddenly it’s gone. She called fans “sa’s” forever, cats were “tikkies”, school buses were buses and actual buses were “schools” (that was the best).

Often I get so stuck in the day to day, minute to minute of our lives that it’s only when looking back I find myself wishing we’d gotten more on camera of her saying and doing little things that seemed so everyday and now are just memories.

I was introduced to the OneDay app a few weeks ago. In a nutshell, it records short (or long) clips of you, your kids, your partner, answering little prompts built into the app. It’s so, so simple to use – no editing or movie making knowledge needed.

You pick a prompt, ask the question, film and boom – done. At the end of shooting, you get options to:

  • Re-create the moment
  • Add another moment to the story
  • Save and create a story

OneDay App

From there you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, share a link, or send to family and friends.

One of the prompts Bella loved was, “Do your animals talk to each other? What do they say?”

But the Valentine’s Day ones – oh goodness.

Find the OneDay app (currently free!) on Google Play and iTunes. Then start recording, saving, and sharing the best little moments we might otherwise forget.

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  • Isa

    February 13, 2015 at 5:05 am

    Hello ! I think Bella might be up for French 🙂 we (french people) pronounce the P too :))
    All the best from here. Xoxo.

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