Young Living Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

From Skepticism to Love – & an Essential Oil/Diffuser Giveaway!

February 10, 2015

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway
Essential Oils – let me start this post by saying that I’ve been a HUGE skeptic of them for about the past year. Watching friends post on the benefits, rave on results – they were the fun cheerleaders and I was the emo chick on the bleachers wondering if everyone was on crack.

Interestingly enough, it was Sam who first introduced me to oils. Eucalyptus in our humidifier when we were all sick last winter. I fell in love with the scent of that running in our home. Then lavender for little cuts and burns. Peppermint cut with coconut oil for the non-stop headaches I had when pregnant with Kaden.

I tentatively started to ask about different blends I was seeing – what did they smell like? What could they help with? I was surprised to find that with some of the absolutely crazy claims I’d seen online (Cure Ebola! Beat Cancer! Send your child to Harvard at 3!) – the people I knew were honest about them.

They weren’t a cure all for things – but they helped. They smelled great. Oils added an extra layer of help to your routine of prevention/care.

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

Amber from YLThrive (who also sells the coolest diffuser necklaces) surprised me with a Starter Kit – just because she’s amazing – and when it arrived I looked at the pretty little oils in that box, and thought, “Oh my. These are going to be fun.” Bonus: it came with Thieves and that was the one I really wanted to try since everyone loves it.

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

It was a day or two in that I understood why people love their oils. I began to play around with them, ordering a few more off the Young Living site just a week later. Here’s a little intro on what we use some of ours for:

  • Purification: about 4 drops with water in the diffuser to rid the house of after cooking smells (like fish)
  • Lavender: a little on our sheets and wrists
  • Eucalyptus: our humidifer but Sam also likes to put this in our tub when his muscles ache
  • StressAway: To rub on my wrists and neckline before bed (my stress is at level 11.5 lately)
  • Panaway: I put this in a roller with coconut oil for aches and pains
  • Thieves: everything – but the best one so far is in a little jar with coconut oil that I put on Bella’s feet at night

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

I also bought a USB Diffuser that I love to have plugged into my computer when I work, and toss in my bag to take to the car for trips around town. It has three different settings, and once in a while lets out a little puff of steam and oil.

Young Living Oils Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

I’m an oil convert. Sam loves it since he’s been trying to convince me forever about them.

Sooooo 🙂 Amber and I have teamed up to give you guys a little something fun. She’s hosting an Essentials Oils 101 class on Facebook, starting tonight at 9pm EST through Feb 12th. It’s free, you can just wear sweats, grab a cup of tea – and a bra is optional. 😉 Ask questions, enter to win some prizes, connect with other fans, and learn more about oils.


Everyone who signs up for the class is entered to win a full size (15ml) bottle of the coveted Thieves oil, along with a USB Diffuser (your choice of black, white, pink, purple)!! 

I am so excited to give these to one of you!

Young Living Thieves and USB Diffuser Giveaway

Enter with Rafflecopter below, the links are plugged in to take you right to the class. I’ll choose a winner on the 13th for both items!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interested in getting started? Use my link to sign up as a Wholesale Member to purchase one of three starter kits and get 24% off all your future orders (and all kinds of fun stuff as you make purchases). No need to sell or set a monthly purchase amount unless you want to later. 

Questions? hello @


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