The Accidental Garden

July 5, 2015

It’s nearly 7pm here. Sam is putting a bonfire together in our fire pit. Bella is playing on the grass with all her stuffed dragons around her. I finished a paper on how to interpret Bible verses for one of my two classes that ended today – and this past Monday I started my final two that run until end of August. I’m taking Theology and Pysch 305 – and whew. Both of them are tough just one week in.

We’re getting ready for s’mores here. We were supposed to have them last night, but it rained so hard it even canceled the fireworks on post. We didn’t go, but our neighbors decided 10:45pm was an ideal time to set theirs off – so in the end we still got a (rather surprising) show. Our storms are no joke here, the weather is so intense when it hits, and with desert landscaping water often has nowhere to go, this causes the flash floods we get constant warnings for.

All three of us love it though – the sudden severe weather.


We planted a garden a few months ago. Mostly Sam and Bella. Lots of sunflowers and wildflowers. I really wanted a bit of a vegetable garden but we decided – maybe next year.


So a few weeks ago I’m out poking around in the flowers and it hits me that the poppies Sam planted along the roses are really, really huge. Like, massive poppies that are taking forever to bloom. And they also smell like tomatoes which is weird.

Then I figure out they are tomatoes. Like – two dozen of them. All different varieties – and we stand there looking at them, then rubbing the leaves between our fingers, and then googling, and then asking each other, “What? We didn’t plant tomatoes.” As we go along the garden, we realize they are all over the place. Poking out of the sunflowers. Next to the morning glories. All the wildflowers Sam planted are gone, overtaken by plants determined to be first.


We realized that this spring, when we bought 20lbs of heirloom tomatoes and about 1/4th of that went bad before we could eat them, the seeds in our compost waited until we spread it over the garden. Then they decided it was the perfect time to plant.


Sure enough, a few days later we had yellow flowers, and now we have little green tomatoes on some, others will bloom later this season. Then we found little tendrils poking along the ground – squash. Acorn or Butternut, we’re not sure yet. And a huge plant that we thought might be a giant weed turned out to be quinoa. Of all things.


It’s a compost surprise!

Wood is chopped and Bella is eagerly waiting a s’more, so I’m off to help and burn my marshmallows to a crisp, just the way I love them.


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